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Competition: Dezeen x Samsung Ambient Mode Design

Prize: 3rd Project
Project: Sphere
Designer: Doisign (Duhan Ölmez, İrem Deniz Akçam)

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Description of Design

World has emerged to a new type of community where individualism has become the key force, fueling diversity and free will as its core values. An individual creates a self-digital world while interacting others via social media, applications and softwares on private and customized devices. In our new community, definition of televisions has shifted, representing our homes - no longer a device hanged on our walls. 

Internet of things surrounds us every day with devices we use in our routines. Our identities are based on things we have done, we are doing, we are to do, shaping our decisions. Decisions which were solely made by us, have begun to make in collaboration with dedicated applications and innovations. An immediate personalized home interface allows users to take their home to a new interaction level. Television is only a surface to watch when the time comes, however SPHERE acts with time and user.

Perception defines the border of imagination. New methods for showcasing informations and graphics forging wider perspectives throughout our decisions, schedules, suggestions and any type of data user would like to acquire in daily life. Design idea is to combine personal data with procedurally generated graphics to demonstrate ambient mode.

SPHERE, acts as a personal assistant to an individual’s life. You can feel as it is embodied version of your immediate space, home. Your choices shape your life, environment and home as well as your personal SPHERE. Everything gets connected with one surface. Surface which is hanged on your wall without any border but stands as an object. 

Your choices, your preferences, your life, your SPHERE,
Round Your World.


SPHERE has 2 main elements, an animated object and an information part. To generate data and create a customized experience, user first defines accounts from various platforms. Proposed system can generate personalized screens using provided data, like any other application in personal computers, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, etc.

System starts with inputs where user can give any kind of private information like social media account, email address, digital calendar, newspaper category, music genre, daily life and health tracking application, or other providers to customize his/her SPHERE.

After inputs, preferences and options appear to choose which data will be used by system to generate suggestions, demonstrate the interface to show feed as well as when to show which data on screen. Experience differentiates by defining the settings.

SPHERE presents 3 categories:

  • Informatics consist raw datas that can directly imported from accounts, such as emails, schedule, news feed, weather, GPS...  

  • Socials, projects feeds from any social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, swarm, linkedin, etc.) in a minimally designed interface. 

  • Personalized, gets information from inputs and generates new suggestions by using internet of things and artificial intelligence with the concepts of:

    • SPHERE Exclusive operates suggestion interface for assisting user's life. For example when Samsung Health tracks eating habits, this mode can manage food recipes and come up with plans.

    • SPHERE Mood creates an ambient with background sounds when user is not directly using television. For example creating an ocean surrounding while allowing user to follow yoga instructions.

    • SPHERE Music embeds audio system with ambient mode. Music, genre and graphics, all acts together to create an overall listening experience.

Animated two-dimensional or three-dimensional round objects are procedurally generated with the help of small scripts to generate tiny round objects by using google street views, online photos, cloud images and custom-made graphics. 

Everytime a new data generated, SPHERE learns and applies.

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