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Notes for the first timers:

  1. Download ZIP file.

  2. Extract the folder in the ZIP file to your desktop.

  3. Get in the extracted folder "Game".

  4. Double click on "RimworldWin64.exe".

  5. When the game is on, click on "Mods" on the main page.

  6. Select "Harmony" on the left side and enable it on right side.

  7. Drag and drop "Harmony" to the top on the enabled list.

  8. Select "DO Log File" on the left side and enable it on the right side. It will remain at the end of the list.

  9. Click on "Save and Apply Changes" button. 

  10. Click on "Okay" for the restarting request.

Now when you play the game, the game will create a .CSV file on your desktop. Do not lose it. You can check it once you start playing the game. If game does not extract a file, let me know.

Thank you for your cooperation -you amazing human being.

Please fill in these forms first.

Then download the game.

Play the tutorial and fill in this form.

Fill in these forms for each game.

After all the sessions, fill in this form.

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